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Save file management

Create save data backups for any game on your Nintendo Switch without depending on Nintendo Online

Restore yours and your friends save files at any time

Save file repositories

Access a variaty of different save file repositories or host your own

Official repositories for 100% save files, Mario Maker 2 stages and more

Cheats and on-the-fly memory editing

Toggle, load and download Cheats without the need of a computer

Edit any game's memory with the built-in Cheat Engine

Game overlay menu

Toggle cheats without needing to leave your game right from the overlay

Display current CPU, GPU and Memory clock speeds, Temparatures and more

SwitchCheatsDB integration

Login to your switchcheatsdb.com account right on the switch to upload and download your save files, download and apply cheats on-the-fly and more!



Cheat Emulator